Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Authentic Old Bronze Jewish Sabbath Pendant Light Circa 1818

Dimension :
Light Fixture Height : 55cm
Bottom of Light Fixture To Ceiling Rose : 97cm
Light Fixture Diameter : 36cm
This is an authentic old bronze Sabbath pendant oil lamp, made in 1818. It has been electrified and wiring works are in excellent working condition. It is a very rare find and the lamp is very unique with its bell bronze framework.
A True-Blue Collector's Item !
Enjoy the light of King David, King Solomon, King Shaul and much more. Lamps appear in the Bible as lighting the way for the righteous, the wise, and for love and other positive values. While fire was described in the Bible as being destructive, light was given a positive spiritual meaning. The oil lamp and its light were important household items in Biblical times, and this may explain their use and connotations in the Bible. Oil lamps were used for many spiritual rituals. Lamps were used to honor the memory of the deceased as well as acting against evil spirits.
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